"Bluegrass On The Bay" with Jay Armsworthy

Bell Buckle Radio is an online internet radio station that is located in historical Bell Buckle,TN.

Valerie Smith, station owner & president, wanted a home for Bell Buckle Record's music that features a variety of artists that have performed in Bell Buckle, Tn. The radio station will also offer a large range of music in bluegrass, classic country, folk, gospel and Americana. This is also a home that you can regularly hear Valerie Smith's music included in the programming

Bell buckle Radio believes in a unique and customized experience when listening to music.

Each show is programmed and unique to the radio personality. When not is the progress of a scheduled show, the station is always playing music. The scheduled shows will be listed very soon.

You will be able to request songs that you would like to hear on our site. Each programmer will also have a contact email that you may write to them with some thoughts and feedback.

We thank you for your patience as we grow and please continue to visit the Bell Buckle Radio website for updated shows and details.